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Textbook Buybacks

Online Price Quotes
Enter an ISBN number and we will show you quotes from multiple online stores who are interested in buying your used (or new) textbooks.

Sell Your Books Back (Enter ISBN)

    Step by Step Instructions

  1. Locate the ISBN Number for Your Book

    The number is either 13 digits (beginning with 978 or 979), or it is 10 digits. It may end with an X. It may be referred to as an EAN number.

    - Check the back cover, spine, or other areas of the book cover. You will either see a barcode with the ISBN number written near it, or perhaps you may just see the ISBN number.

    - Look on the Publisher's page. This page contains the publishing company's name, the edition number, author information, addresses, and ISBN numbers.

  2. Search for the Book by ISBN

    Enter the ISBN number into any search form, preferably the special "Buyback" or "Sell Book" search forms. You do not need to enter the dashes. It does not matter if you enter the 13 digit or 10 digit number.

  3. Wait for Results

    If you enter the number correctly, you should be viewing a page which display pricing information. It may take 5 seconds to 20 seconds to receive all of the price quotes.

    The Buyback page has prices sorted from highest to lowest. There is a button on the right column of each pricing row which says "Sell".

    If you see prices from lowest to highest, you may be on the "Buy" / "Rent" page by mistake. If so, click on the "Sell" button in the top center of the page.

    If you see a book or multiple books without offers to buy or sell, you may have entered the ISBN number wrong. You may need to locate the book from the search results, click on it, and look for the "Sell" button.

  4. Review Price Quotes

    If you are on the correct page, you will see a table that will populate with buyback offers from different merchants. It will be sorted with the highest offer first. You may need to wait 10 to 20 seconds for all pricing to be updated.

    This page looks similar to the purchase page. Please ensure you are reviewing buyback listings.

    Not all companies pay for shipping, however most of them do. We do not list shipping costs.
    Textbook buyback page screenshot

  5. Select an Offer

    Select an offer by clicking on the "Sell" button or buyback price. You will be directed to the merchant's web site, where you may complete your transaction.

    Textbook buyback offer listings example

  6. Add Item to Cart / Checkout

    Most companies will add the book to your cart immediately. Verify the information is accurate (price, number of copies, condition) and follow thier checkout procedure.

  7. Follow Instructions on Merchant's Site

    Every merhcant has similar but different procedures for processing textbook buybacks. Please read their instructions carefully. Most companies will pay for shiping and create printable address labels.

    Make sure you send the correct book to the correct merchant. If you are selling multiple books, it can be very easy to send the wrong book to the wrong merchant. Some merchants do not return books.

  8. Send In Your Books Promptly

    After you review the packing instructions, package your books in accordance to the guidelines set forth by the buyer (each buyer may have different requirements), and send the book to the company's designated address.
    Companies expect you to send the book in quickly. Otherwise, they may refuse to accept the delivery, or refuse to pay.

  9. Keep Meticulous Records of Your Transaction

    Online book buybacks are relatively new. There is more consumer disatisfaction with book buybacks than other ecommerce businesses. If you have an expensive book, keep records of everything you do. Keep your mailing receipts, delivery tracking numbers, delivery confirmation records, emails, copies of shipping address labels, and order numbers.

Example Companies that Buyback Textbooks

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